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Cosmetic suggestions thread

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Robots with boxing gloves... robots with boxing gloves... it'll be hilarious! Can you imagine using melée on people in FFA or melée only with boxing gloves on? Just a robot stomping around, knocking out/destroying robots? :D With that glorious DING noise! :D

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I'd like to see more variants of the "Angry Droid" head. Instead of just the eyes, I'd like to see a full face that has various emoticon options (happy, sad, angry, surprised, etc.). Might be nice if they could actually be a single model that could be bound to a key OR automatically change (momentarily) when a certain event happens in the game. Like, a flag is captured --> droid's face is :D, player is awarded a midair award --> droid's face is B), player gets "denied" a powerup --> droid's face is :o, etc.. You could have the emoticons in various styles -- like pixel art or just plain text turned vertically (like  =D, B), =O, etc.). 

Another idea: Have a droid face that is a screen that displays your Steam avatar? 

I think it might also be nice to have some bubbles over/around a player's head/body to indicate various things, like the way mega health bubbles work. Like, if they are using sayteam/say/console, some sort of indication of that would be nice. Also, it'd be neat if this could also be applied to the awards. 

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