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2016-10-16 | Bunny Cup NA

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Hello everyone!

Hope you are having a great weekend and are gearing up for tomorrow's tournament! There is still 1 spot open so if anyone else wants to join that would be great! All skill levels welcome.

That being said please look over the seedings on the bracket, hopefully i've seeded you in the correct spot, if i haven't just send me a message and we will sort it out!

Don't forget to add me on steam!!! If i can't reach you during the tournament you will be disqualified, i need to be able to send you server info and any other relevant information either on discord or steam. 

Send me a message stating the region you fall in so i have an easier time telling you on what server you will be playing your match in. We have plenty of servers so no need to go onto a separate server! 

I've also made a small trailer to get people hyped up to watch the tournament, nothing great but i didn't have much time :D

Thank you!

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Thank you all for participating and showing up to watch our tournament. It was a pleasure seeing this level of interest and also a learning experience since this was the very first tournament I've held. Thanks to Qualx, Delementary, Lone, Linden, Ramagan, Mnsth, Jaguar, Lolograde, and the community for providing their time, expertise, and knowledge to bring this cup together. That being said the cup was not as flawless as I would have hoped and that was my wrong doing. I'd love to get feed back on what I can do to improve future tournaments and events as I hope to keep growing the reflex community. 

Thank you!

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