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Reflex 0.46.4

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We're pushing out another point release to address some crash bugs & tweak experimental changes.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed server crash occasionally occuring on map change
  • Fixed issues with teams getting swapped around as game goes live
  • Fixed issue where sv_allowmodes would only allow last option in list to pass
  • Fixed crash when querying steam leaderboards top 20 when not connected to steam


Experimental Ruleset Changes


  • Projectile speed was 3500 now 4000
  • Pprojectile damage was 7 now 6
  • Max ammo was 40 now 30
  • Weapon pickup ammo was 20 now 15
  • Ammo pickup was 10 now 5
  • Spread no longer randomised
  • Spread was 0.05 now 0.03
  • Now has 7 projectiles (previous 6 + new center)


  • Max ammo was 40 now 20
  • Weapon pickup ammo was 20 now 10
  • Ammo pickup was 10 now 5


  • Explosion radius was 150 now 160


  • Max ammo was 200 now 100
  • Weapon pickup ammo was 100 now 50
  • Ammo pickup was 50 now 25


  • Max ammo was 200 now 150
  • Ammo pickup was 50 now 25
  • Damage was 6 now 7 (was 120dps now 140dps)
  • Knockback (ground and air) was 1.7 now 1.5 (to mostly counter damage increase, still is slight buff)


  • Explosion radius was 120 now 115

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Nice but the ammo pickups are still basically useless because not only you get less ammo from them than a wep pickup, but you also have no wep pickup ammolimit at all. No wonder the game is very rl heavy because instead of you getting only max of 10 ammo for the rl from wep pickup, you get 10 everytime. Meaning, if you have have 10 and you take it again, now you all the sudden have 20 already :/

Reason Quake and CPMA have a system that limits/denies your max ammo when you try to pickup rl again when you have already 10 ammo, is because that system forces the player to keep eye on this additional aspect. "want alot ammo for that gun of yours so that you can use it effectively? better collect ammo then". Now its alot more easier to run fullstack in the game, because forexample only 2 Bolt pickups and you've maxed out the 10 ammo since you receive 5 ammo everytime from a Bolt pickup. I think it should be so that you get 5 BR ammo from weaponpickup and second time gets denied because then you are forced to go for the ammo pickups if you want that small extrastack of ammo.

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5 hours ago, BattleSnacks said:

These tweaks are interesting, but did the plasma need nerfed? I play at a very low level and I didn't think it was too overpowered.

i dont think this change really hurts its power too much. realistically you're never going to burn through all of that 200 plasma ammo you get. Lower ammo levels is good IMO

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I think ammo boxes with 25 IC cells are just too weak. Ofc you could place 2 next to each other but why not try having ammo boxes with the same amount as the weapon pickup ammo so they actually do play a role. Right now I wouldn't go for 25 IC cells if the weapon pickups gives me 4 times as much and I think the ammo pickups for all weapons are really weak atm.

So yeah my suggestion is trying ammo packs with the same amount as the weapons themselfs. Sure some maps need to rethink ammo then but in the end pickups that matter would be cooler than having tiny amounts of ammo everywhere and most of the time nobody would go for them.

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