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LAN party, North East England - interested?

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I tried twice to post this as a poll, but both times it said 'something went wrong' so fuck it.

Would you be interested? If so when would be convenient (e.g. weekends, saturdays only, sundays only, weekday evenings).

BYOC of course, I'm not minted.

I intend to host it in my shop, which should have space for a few people at least. If there is great interest I can rent out a local hall/venue right next door. Also there is an Indian takeaway nearby and a nice pub right opposite my shop. Like across the road :P

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Right, so i'm probably going to do this informally, nd just invite my two friends who live locally to come and play Reflex with me in the shop. I bought them each a copy of the game, so it'd e a good opportunity to try and wean them onto it. So I'll pick a date, advertise it here, and if you want to come along.... please do! :)

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