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[lolo_race1] Encounter the Monolith

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Hey all, I've been stuck at home with a cold for past few days and decided to make a race map. This is my first map: Encounter the Monolith. It is inspired most obviously by Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey but also by Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall (specifically, the alien structures and ruins depicted at various parts in the film). 

By design, it has a few shortcuts and one especially large shortcut that may not be possible at all. I see that as a challenge to the likes of @slobo^- and night. =)

My goal was to make the map almost completely walk-able (no huge speed or trick jumps necessary) until the very end but also allow for enough freedom and possibility to make really fast times that require lots of skill to achieve. In other words, I want it to be a map where players of all skill levels can play it and be challenged by it. But, most importantly, to make it really fun to play even if you've completely conquered all the routes on the map! 

Thanks to all the help from various people who've visited my server in the past couple days to provide feedback but especially: @Claymation, @slobo^-, and night.

UPDATE #1 (October 15, 2016):

  1. Changed some elements of the "secret" route. Not sure if I'll end up keeping the secret route but I'm more OK with the way the route works now.
  2. Added some additional structural features. Some areas were pretty bland. The map is still largely bland but a little less so now. =)
  3. Fixed a whole bunch of little issues with brushes (bad spacing, sizes, etc.).
  4. Added a touch of color w/ grass and weed meshes in reasonable places. I plan to eventually do some more work on the visuals (but need to ruminate a bit on how to proceed).
  5. Added "end" camera.









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Update #1

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made a video 'real quick'... xD

the route is not fully optimized yet i guess, but im happy with it for now.
i spotted the other skip you talked about (havent tried it yet), but i really like this route aesthetically. so for now i dont really care, if the other one is possible/potentially faster.

a very good start for your race mapping career. gj <:



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I just had some runs on your map and I really like it. Hope you give us more race maps in the future. The design is good and  there are more than just one way to finish it.

Here are two thinks I would love to see in an update:

- I think maps should not have the option for timereset (like you can see in slobos video)

- You already did a great architecture. Please don't leave it with just dev-grey!!

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Thanks, @Monti

I think eliminating the prejump will break some of the current routes. I might try to experiment with that to see what the impact might be.

Regarding the artwork, yes! I plan to do something other than dev-grey throughout. In the most recent update, I've added touches of color but I've been pondering how to proceed with art. I want to add color but keep it looking "monolithic", if you know what I mean. Will do my best! 

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