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Necromancer, just like your telefrag took it on simplicity.  Even though I went into the teleporter after you, somehow reflex says I got telefragged.  I'm not sure if that type of luck will exist for you on LAN in the future...

You sit in a box and you cs people with 20 rail ammo.  That does not constitute being a fun player to watch, and it's also why the tides have already shifted in our gameplay.  You are afraid to toe to toe with me.  Your gameplay is consistent with your excuse-making personality, and horrible sportsmanship after you easily lost to a lagged Ramagan twice in a row.  This is consistent with what q3 players at quakecon said about you.

I say give the French ally some credit for putting in the 80 hours of practice after he lost his job.  Or maybe he's on the French equivalent of social security / disability.  Either way, his time paid off and he won his $100 fortune or whatever.

If I wanted to admit that my body was pumping adrenaline to fight off the hangover from the night before, then I would have made the "pre excuse," but we are two different types.  I played through the pain and still you ran with 1 frag left to go.

You would not a difficult matchup for next-time, which is why sane will be shut down on Mischief Night, and not you.

Now let the big boys go to work.

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Even if you had won Simplicity by the hair on your chinny chin chin, I still beat you quite easily on the first map. Simply by mentioning you were fighting a hangover is admission of an excuse. Should I mention that I woke up 30 minutes before the start of the tournament and signed up to play last minute, despite being groggy and half-asleep for the first few hours afterward and not having played Reflex at all since the last KoA cup (where I easily stomped you)?

Also I should mention that Qualx analyzed demos of me vs Rama and confirmed that hitreg is broken vs the higher ping opponent. People's perception that the higher pinger is at the disadvantage stems from other games where the netcode works quite differently than Reflex. It is in fact a disadvantage for the lower ping player where his hitscan is broken vs the high pinger, where the high ping player has no issues with hitscan due to the server accurately portraying the location of the low pinger whereas his is delayed to his opponent. The fact that this cup was played on the competitive ruleset where LG is even more powerful only compounded my disadvantage as opposed to the last cup in which I beat him. Funny that my hitscan hits just fine against other NA players but not against an overseas player where I am forced to use rockets as my main source of dealing damage and cannot rely on my hitscan, which is my greatest strength. You can call it excuse making but my complaints are justified and as such I have been told that European players will likely not be allowed to compete in any further NA events.

Also, don't complain about me using bolt when you yourself barely use it at all. In both of our games you fired exactly ZERO bolt shots where I hit a combined 30/75 shots. Don't complain about my playstyle when the fact is you are just another shitty Reflex player who thinks that +F rocket/lg rushing in a game with broken weapon balance makes you a good Arena FPS player.

Sane is a better player than you and I'm sure if he takes this even remotely serious he will beat you.

Furthermore, I will gladly beat you again any time you desire it.

Edited by Necrophag1st

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Match Rules:

  • Experimental Ruleset
  • Best of 5  (pocket infinity, the blue catalyst, simplicity, furnace, and static discharge)
  • The #Thump4-Fair Map Order Procedure  (distributes momentum changes throughout the duration of match by pushing dominant maps to the middle, ensuring the fairest order possible)
  1. Each player types:  /roll 100
  2. High roll player:  suspends a map (temporary drop)
  3. Low roll player: suspends a map (temporary drop)
  4. High roll player: picks first map that wasn't suspended
  5. Low roll player: picks second map that wasn't suspended
  6. High roll player picks from all remaining maps
  7. If 4th map is necessary, Low roll player picks from all remaining maps
  8. If 5th map is necessary, final unplayed map is played


First player to 3 map wins wins the match, the prizes, and the bets are executed.  Bet winners make double on the player of their choice, whereas betting losers on their choice lose all.

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15 hours ago, seekax said:

How does one make double on their bets if the bets aren't distributed completely evenly?

If the bets are not even, then I will absorb the loss, as I will pay out the winners double regardless of who they pick.  $20 bets max.


2 hours ago, Kev! said:

My assumption would be that Thump4 and sane would cover that shit since they make bank.

If you consider a measly government officer rate as "bank" then sure, sure.  Let's just say I'm throwing it all on the line to shut this online-only personality down for good.

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