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How to create your own addon

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With 47 comes the release of addon support. This is where you can bundle your lua scripts & other assets together in one package, and share them over the workshop.

1. Firstly you'll need to create your addon locally

  • Create the folder reflex/base/addons/myaddon/
  • Fill it with any .lua scripts or .wav files etc you wish to use
  • You are able to override game assets by inserting a base/ in the root of you asset directory. For example to override the jump sound create a file: reflex/base/addons/myaddon/base/internal/characters/hostile/hostile_jump.wav
  • Upon loading Reflex, you should now see your addon in the addon list under options->addons.

2. Later you'll be ready to publish your addon to the workshop, to do this

  • You need a workshop ID for your addon, easiest way of getting this is to go into the map editor, click publish, click user items -> create new, and note this workshop ID. We'll turn this one into an addon.
  • Rename your addon folder to start with the workshop id. i.e. reflex/base/addons/1234567_myaddon/
  • Now return to the options->addons screen, your addon is now flagged as a workshop addon, and will have download and voting buttons.
  • Since you own the addon, there is also an upload button, which is where you enter the publishing process.
  • Take care, that download button _will_ download the addon and override your local changes, I highly encourage addon creators to use some kind of source control, or at very least backup your addons.


Your addon should now be on the workshop for all to experience :)


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Can addons have dependencies on other addons? I'm thinking in particular about shared Lua libraries. I have a bunch of widgets and a couple libraries that they all share. Making all my widgets into a single addon would be inconvenient for someone who only wants one or two. Copying the library for each widget is cumbersome to maintain (making sure all widgets have the same library version). Ideally I could make my libraries an addon and each of my widgets an addon that depends on the libraries, then users would just need to download the libraries and the widgets that they want.

Also, how does updating addons work? Do you manually upload it for each update? Do users receive the updated addons automatically or do they have to redownload them?

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Hmm, while there isn't a dependency setup, you can reference lua files from other folders, so it should just be as simple as having 2 addons:
1. KeredLib
2. KeredMod1

To upload you use the upload button in the addon list, it's a publishing process similar to maps.

Downloads don't happen automatically, but it informs the user automatically, they just have to click the download (or update) button :)

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23 hours ago, scrambled said:

you need to use steamcmd to update the addon


I got the addon to upload via steamcmd but the listing doesn't come up ingame's "explore workshop" search engine

My new listing > http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=881235080

Perhaps it would be more logical to implement a feature to upload thumbnails within the in-game's uploader or a offical reflex workshop upload tool or fix the subscribe addon button integration from steam's webpage

Edit: I have tried reuploading the addon via ingame to same workshop id I have posted. No luck there :'(

Update: I guess it actually is searchable by others. I guess I can't search for my own mods

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