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[0.47.0] Various viewmodel vexes

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None of these are important, but with the new plasma and bolt models right around the corner, I thought I'd report them. GIFs suck, so I uploaded some small MP4s for each one. so here's a YouTube video of all of these:


Roly-Poly Viewmodels + Viewmodel Size

When cl_weapon_rotation is 1 and you strafe into a wall, to me it seems like the burst, plasma, grenade launcher, and possibly melee roll way harder than rockets, ion, bolt/stake, and shotgun.

Also, the viewmodel sizes (or maybe positions?) are a bit strange in comparison to each other (shotgun is huge, plasma is basically off the screen, burst is as big as the other guns, etc.). I know there are widgets to change the x/y/z per weapon and correct this, but it seems odd that they aren't a consistent size out of the box.


Burst Gun Firing Animation

I noticed the glowing part inside the chamber snaps around very roughly when it's fired. This may be by design, but I seem to recall it animating differently when this BG model was first introduced, like there was a smoother transition from glow-y to empty and back. (EDIT: Electro confirmed this is a bug on Discord)


Muzzle Flash Location

The muzzle flash images seem off-center of the actual end of the gun or obscured by it in some cases. To me, it looks like they're only really in the right spot on the bolt/stake and grenade launcher. This may be exacerbated by viewmodel x/y/z settings, I'm not sure.


EDIT: One other observation: it looks like when cl_weapon_rotation is 0, weapon bobs from jumps no longer happen; since there's a separate cvar for all bobbing (cl_weapon_bob), this seems like it's not intentional.


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