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Request no team damage mutator

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On 10/31/2016 at 4:48 AM, /fragile said:

Since Atdm moved over to mutators there is team damage in tdm+arena mutator. A mutator allowing to (de-)activate team damage would be super nice!

This might be useful also for instagib teammode. Right now, instagib kills friend and foe alike. Not sure if BR still has knockback in instagib, but it might be fun to intentionally shoot a teammate to give them a boost without killing them. B)

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Ah nice find, missed that case cheers.

Not sure if we want that mutator or not, really the default ATDM should have no team damage, and the default TDM should have team damage. Then you need a mutator both ways :)

My gut feeling is it's better attached to the arena mutator + tdm gamemode, but i'll discuss it with the team :) 


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I see the difficulties here.

If you add it to the arena mutator you miss out the chance to try stuff like disabling friendly fire for instagib and ctf. As lolograde suggested there could be some interesting mechanics no one has thought of so far (for example you can leech team mates hp in vamp mode with ff on). On the other hand by adding a friendly fire mutator you introduce pointless game variants like ff enabled arena tdm.

Suggestion: Mutators should be restricted to game modes (they aren't right know, are they?) (e.g. low grav makes sense in all modes, vamp doesn't in race and "ff off" would make no sense in 1v1 and ffa). This way ff could be a mutator but only for modes where it is interesting.


10 hours ago, shooter said:

Then you need a mutator both ways :)

You have the default behaviour (ff enabled) and a mutator (ff off).


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