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Reflex 0.47.1

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Hey Lads,

We've had some great feedback from the experimental plus play and are taking feedback on-board. Firstly we've added a 'bullet' hitbox capsule which is to address the extreme popups people are experiencing with rocket combat. We've discussed this on and off several times in the past and it's beyond due for a test play :)  


Secondly we've changed the rocket launcher to give at most 85 splash damage (in experimental), the idea is that direct rockets should be more rewarding. 

Finally we'll be addressing the primary sound engine concern which seems to come down to hearing (or not hearing) the armor pickups. We've exposed the distances they are heard from so they can be tweaked and a good value can be found (too short and you don't hear them at all, too far and you'll hear mega in alpha base being picked up from zeta base..).

We've fixed a couple of bugs too, there are still quite a few things to do for 47 (one of which is an improved server browser), this is just the first point release! :)


Generic improvements:

  • Added 'bullet' collision hitbox to players to address pop-up issues. With the capsule you can land a rocket right underneath the player standing on the ground and have him knock up (towards!) you
  • Removed team damage in team games with arena mutator


  • Fixed stakelauncher colours after new bolt rifle weapon was introduced
  • Fixed issue where when you first install an addon it wouldn't be detected until a reflex.exe restart
  • Fixed issue where addon picker showed steamids instead of names
  • Removed "Local Changes" messages from addon UI as it wasn't being detected properly


  • Player hitbox uses new bullet shape
  • Max splash damage a rocket can now do is 85 (direct is still 100)

Experimental plus:

  • Added gconsts: gconst_armor50_faratten, gconst_armor100_faratten, gconst_armor150_faratten, gconst_mega_faratten, gconst_ioncannon_hum, gconst_boltrifle_hum, gconst_ioncannon_hum_faratten, gconst_boltrifle_hum_faratten
  • All the explus_gconst values are now synced server->client
  • Added gconsts: gconst_grenade_damage_splashmult, gconst_cell_damage_splashmult, gconst_rocket_damage_splashmult - these allow us to reduce splash damage effectively giving direct hits more damage
  • Added gconst: gconst_player_isbullet




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5 minutes ago, Flakx said:

It may not be possible with the global sounds, but is there a way to lower the volume of your own ion/bolt hum without affecting the volume of the enemy's? I can't concentrate with the constant buzzing in my ear.

Would it be possible to remove it from Instagib ? Indeed, it is really annoying : /

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23 minutes ago, Tac said:

Would it be possible to remove it from Instagib ? Indeed, it is really annoying : /

I think the hum is removed in experimental which would have no effect on instagib. So you could just use experimental ruleset for instagib, if I'm thinking about this correctly. Another workaround would be an addon that just replaces the hum sound files w/ a blank sound file. 

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