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Expplus Think Tank discord server

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As some of you may know, Reflex testers have now the possibility of using an "expplus" ruleset that unlocks many of the game's cvars.

Some of these testers are producing different versions of "expplus", adjusting many variables, proposing different gameplay, weapon balance, movement, etc...

In order to stimulate the feedback over these various rulesets, I (along others) thought it would be a good idea to have a central discord server to discuss the different aspect of each of the tester's ruleset and have some sort a think tank for more creativity and diversity. The ultimate goal is to unlock reflex's full potential in terms of gameplay and balance, and to enlarge the number of people testing the rulesets and providing feedback which will lead to more refined gameplay.

Discord invite : https://discord.gg/yUgp8qR

Everyone from all skill levels is welcomed, we will have extensive discussions on weapon balance, movement and all that good stuff. Your feedback and playtesting is geatly appreciated.

NB : the rulesets we're testing will not be final or pushed in the game, this is only a temporary situation dedicated to testing and experimenting to help the developers.

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