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A. Benz

[Duel] Risk

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so i've started on a new map. After trying to tweak around Imow i once again came to the conclusion i've reached a dead-end, meaning i can't tweak it to the point i like it. So.... new map.





- 6 spawns

- all weapons

- ammo





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Thanks to @Terifire and @Furioness for playtesting!


I've changed the MH tele exit to be the same as the plasma-tele exit. Also added another path to the bolt. This should help countering the strong upper position near the shotgun. Also slightly increased the size of the lower YA platform and raised the ramp-jumps slightly, should feel more consistent now.


(also added an cpm22-style RA-Spawn .... let's see how this plays....)



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