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Hosting a server (is hamachi possible?)



Me and a few friends have recently gotten into reflex and have been playing on assorted random servers, however we would all prefer it if we had our own one where we could change the gamemode, mutators etc. 

I was wondering if it would be possible to host the server with hamachi? And if so, could you please help me to do so (I'm not very smart when it comes to these things).


Thanks in advance.

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You can change the gamemode and mutators on any server, as long as they allow it, by starting a callvote.

You can download the server files from Steam, to make your server accessible you really only need to open the ports you set in the config, default is 25787 UDP. How to do that you'll unfortunately have to google, but there are easy to follow tutorials for pretty much any router you may have. If you aren't tech savvy enough or just want something that works out of the box you could take a look at Swiftnode's servers, for $2.16/m you can get an 8 slot server (https://swiftnode.net/game-servers/).

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