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Race Leaderboards Plus

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I integrated the race leaderboards into the <tab> scoreboard as seen in the screenshot. It uses the space which previously displayed your detailed times, which you can still access by clicking on your own name in the right side panel.

This addon should become obsolete once the feature is officially implemented, but until then I find it neat to have.


Link to steam workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821550833



Update log:
v1.1: added diff times in brackets
v1.2: internal installation procedure changed
v1.3: minor bugfixes/adjustments

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Found the time to try this over the weekend. Really nicely done! And feels right at home as if it was implemented as an official widget.
One thing I didn't understand is whether you need brandons race-leaderboard widget along side it for it to work off? I assumed it does, but you've not written that anywhere, so maybe it doesn't?

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Most of it was already in the training leaderboards by Turbo Pixel so it wasn't much work to adopt it for race (I think it contains less than 10 lines original code), but thank you anyway! To answer your question: My widget works independently from Brandon's Race Leaderboard, you can have both installed at the same time or only one.

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