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[Suggestion/Discussion] Race Mode VS. Training Mode

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TL;DR: Will Race mode have all of Training mode's complex capabilities (and a little more noted below) while still being multiplayer friendly?

Before I start, everything here is my opinion on the matter and should be treated as such. I'd also like to say that I understand that Reflex's devs are busy, understaffed, and are generally doing an amazing job doing more important things. I'm not here to rush anyone or demand anything, but to make a nice suggestion based on other games of the same caliber. I'm grateful for the current abilities the game has and all of the blood and sweat spilled to get it here. So thank you, guys. Despite this, telling me "dude its an alpha" or anything similar is a fucking cop-out and more annoying than actually useful in any way whatsoever.

In my opinion, Q3A's Defrag is the golden standard of what it means to have a versatile base for mapping and racing alike. So, I'll be referring to that often when comparing Reflex's Race mode. Right now, I feel that Race mode is severely limited due to unvotable things like player invulnerability (lack of HP/Armor), lack of ammo management for weapons (infinite ammo), no pickups for the previous two reasons, and lack of ability to create objectives or ordinal sequences in runs (such as entities in Training mode like the Goal, Accumulator, Tokens, etc. Ordinal sequences may be "numbered checkpoints", for example.)

In Defrag, if a mapper wants to use weaponboosts or large falls advantageously to gain speed but not punish the racer's health, he would add a Battlesuit powerup to his map with a long duration, or multiple health and armor pickups. If the mapper wants the player to utilize his health and armor carefully, then you simply refrain from adding those pickups. Race mode is currently completely incapable of this kind of design due to invulnerability.

If a mapper wants to have the runner manage his weapons and ammo, he simply adds pickups for those items. Race mode is currently incapable of this design due to using only WeaponRestrictors, lack of pickups, and infinite ammo.

If a mapper wants to add objectives (goals), requisite items (coins), or sequenced areas, the mapper would use one or more of a "counting entity" (accumulator) with conditional checks (triggers & events) as needed at the mapper's discretion. Race mode is currently incapable of this kind of design due to the lack of interoperability between Training mode entities, Race mode, and multiplayer functions.

Honestly, almost all of the functionality for these things already exists in Training mode. The only reason I don't make race maps for and race on Training mode all day is because it's extremely unfriendly to multiplayer (map restarts at end, goals & coins triggered server-wide instead of client-based, player damage & physical interference.) If the mapper has control over the above problems, there's really no reason to make any of this votable. Is it possible these issues are already being addressed, or potentially will be, now that it's been brought attention?

Thank you for reading, I appreciate being allowed to share my two cents about this here [:

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there already seems to be an unwritten consensus in the race community that the weapon movement sucks, therefore no weapon maps, so having the whole resource factor missing doesn't bug me too much. that being said, there's potential in the features that dropped with training. the whole objective system was really cool, though i felt the targets and turrets weren't nearly modular enough. being limited to flat circular targets and stationary, 300HP zombie-turrets with fixed firing mechanics and fixed damage output limits the ways they can be implemented quite a bit. i definitely feel like both modes stand to benefit from existing functions. the whole start-finish system in Training feels pretty inefficient right now while race has most of that covered, race would be dope as hell with leaderboards and checkpoints too. even better if those checkpoints had timestamps.


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We all are waiting for some Race Mode updates and had several threads in this forum. We all know the devs are busy and time is rare.

I agree to most of your ideas but I also think Race Mode has already tons of fun.

Here is for example an old thread: http://forums.reflexarena.com/index.php?/topic/3463-race-development/

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