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Community Awards 2016

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So, while the year has gone wonky, wobbly loopy and at times lit, there must have come some good out of it. This has been done on countless forums before (not copyings cpms promises!!) and it's usually managed and organized in some sort of way; so in true reflex fashion I'll just go ahead and shoot for the moon and hope something picks up. Nominate your categories, people, devs, events, quotes... I don't know. You opened an owl thread, you knew what you would get.

So, my thoughts on all that jazz in a rambly fashion: 

Best player 
Best Tournament (organizer?)
Best Drama
Community member of the year
Best map(er)

I don't know how this will go further, just thought I'd share some positive ideas and future me (or some other poor bastard) can organize the whole poll thing when we're all come to agreement on most things ( :locktarparse: ). 

Hoot, Hoot

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Best Drama: Reflex community

Top tier bridge trollington: Reflex community

Community member of the year: Owl for being the only one to be kindhearted enough to reward anybody here :thumbsup:



Best Mapper: Haven't explored as much as I should but Promeus does pretty things

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My nominees:

Best Lua contributor of the Year: @brandon, @MAD_JIHAD, @meowgli, @Kawumm, @Qualx, @Kered13, @banReflex

Best map of the year: Fortune by @Greed and @Ammazzabanane, Sanctum by @promEUs, Hattberg by @Monti, Iron Guard by @irishbr-sonic by @brandon

Mapper of the year: @promEUs@Greed, @Ammazzabanane, @Monti, @brandon, @irish 
Community contributor of the year: @brandon, @Qualx, @KovaaK, @Jaguar
Moviemaker of the year: @CrazyAl, @Profanum, @slobo^-, @entik
EDIT: Added Jaguar to community contributor nominees.
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Best Tournament: ZTKFPS Duel Season (Best Organiser ZTKFPS)
Mapper of the year: Greed (Quickfire)
Best Drama: ztk (winner) v remm, ztk (winner) vs qualx probs ztk v remm tbqh that was a king hit
Moviemaker of the year: Profanum's Wavey
Community contributor of the year: ZTK

#freeZTK i made the memes this is my OC

ztkdm1 coming soon prepare

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6 hours ago, Lorim said:

Another mention for Jaguar here. I'm completely new to the genre and game and if it wasn't for him I would've dropped the game after a few days instead of actually practicing, enjoying the crap out of it and getting friends to play it as well.

Thanks man :) That's real nice to read. It has sure been fun playing with you and helping you out :D

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Best discord shitpost copypasta:

publicbussystem - Today at 9:23 PM

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Reflex, is in fact, LAN/Reflex, or as I've recently taken to calling it, LAN plus Reflex. Reflex is not an event unto itself, but rather another component of a fully functioning LAN party made useful by the ethernet cables, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full AFPS as defined by Qualx

A late entry, but a solid one. References many tried and trusted shitposts under the unifying framework of the infamous GNU/Linux meme. PBS has done some groundbreaking research into this meme and it really shows. Finally, the offhand almost-insult to Qualx really ties it all together.

Additionally it suggest directions for possible future work, namely Timcon LAN memes. We've had a noticeable increase in Timcon LAN related spam recently and I think this could be a fruitful topic for future shitposts in a vein similar to the proselytising 'play more promode' meme. 


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da font was fucked up

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Sorry to bump this, but I totally forgot about it (or was hoping it would gain traction and somehow get done by itself). 

For Eu, I would nominate Jaguar for best Newcomer. Willing to learn early, got involved in the community from day one, showing videos of him learning the game, making constant content and being all around a top bloke! Also improving a ton and showing that practice leads to results! Also hosting servers and afaik helping keep live in the instagib community as well :)

Also I would nominate the LA guys / the race community for something. It seems like there's activity on the race servers all the time, people grinding wr's, leaderboard addons and new maps produced all the time. Slobo making great vids etc.

And yeah, i think I went a bit over my head on how to actually you know... manage this whole thing, I just wanted to give kudos to the people who deserve it, so if anyone wants to help that would be great. <3 


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