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Reflex 0.48.2

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On 15/01/2017 at 6:52 AM, Flakx said:

My own cosmetics have been broken since 0.48.1 (others have had the same issue)

and my colour overrides arn't applying while spectating.

The cosmetics were crashing in 48.0 on Steam Beta client and I needed to make some changes -- There's something else weird going on with them. I've had them not working on a server while someone else's were! I need to investigate further. Thanks

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I can't connect to servers (even local ones.) I connect for half a second and then get booted back to the main menu. prints the following to console:


client: disconnecting due to excessive outbound reliable queue

client: disconnected


EDIT: this only occurred once i'd tried matchmaking for the first time, maybe it's related?

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