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[0.48.2] Bridge tool not working properly

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I'm currently running into this same issue in multiple spots, and I theorize it has something to do with whatever code in the editor keeps you from performing "illegal" actions, like moving a block's vertex to the opposite side thereby breaking its geometry. This is the only thing I can think of from what I've tested with it, may be something completely different but the only way I have been able to get around it is by changing the position of the block I'm attempting to connect with, such that it would effect: the angle of one or more sides of one or more walls that would result from the tool, or simply the intensity of the curve itself. And to add, I haven't had the problem whatsoever on straight or mostly straight connections, only sections where I'm trying to create somewhat of a sharp curve.

Edit: Here's an example of an area I'm currently having trouble with. In this particular stretch, the walls are made up of ten sections created via bridge tool, it took some doing but I finally got them to spawn correctly (was having trouble with the walls not spawning 100% earlier as well) however, now when I try to close it off with a ceiling, I select my start and end point with ten segments, and absolutely nothing spawns.u491cMU.jpgTzvX0qt.png

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19 hours ago, shooter said:

It's a math precision issue on checking if the object is convex.

Can you send me that map since it's a simple sample and i'll take a look. Ta

I just used the default empty map but made the ground gray so you could see the curves easier

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