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GkR #reflex.au

Is now the time for a free weekend?

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Since matchmaking is out, I think now would be the time to do a free weekend, It would get a lot of players trying the game out, and possibly buying it, especially if their is a discount along with it.

opinions? agree? disagree?

Tbh we (the community) need to get this game as popular as we can before Diabotical and Quake Champions is out.

I actually haven't been able to have a matchmaking game yet (Australia) as their just isn't enough players playing over here, and the ones that do play are pretty much veterans.

way I see it

free weekend > more players > more feedback > quicker game goes out of alpha

Is a free weekend even possible in early access?

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1 hour ago, furyaxsfigkjhn said:

I think the Matchmaking system and maybe the whole game in general needs more polish before they make a free weekend.

Yeah i was thinking that, once its polished up a bit, a free weekend would bring a ton of players in i think.

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