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Sepulcrum - FFA & ATDM

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I jumped around in a local server for a while and have few things to say about the map which would need some adjusting.

  • Middle area (under Mega) seems to lack any items, for me it feels like there should be something here. Maybe consider moving some items closer to Mega or add some ammo boxes there?
  • One of the launch pads launches you towards the Mega and not up like the other jump pad (bug or intentional?)
  • Green armor should be Yellow, if you take into consideration how it's placed (harder to reach, requires jumping)
  • Too much items near Red armor. This side of the map seems to have more items in general than the other side (Green armor/Mega area)

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- There is a RL not so far. But yeah, this area seems a little bit empty. On the other way, there are many ways to go up where you can find a lot of items.

- Ye, that was intentional. One bigger to get on the top (but you are an easy target) and another to go to MH more directly

- It was initially a YA but with the MH and the RL, I find this maybe too strong. On the opposite you are right, it's harder to reach and it's a trap.

- This feeling is maybe because the RA room is smaller than the MH room. And this RA room makes interesting fights I think so I'll let this for now.

I'll try some items placement adjutments to see how it goes.

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