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Please bind a key to 'cl_replaymarker' to mark cool moments in game

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Please, I implore you all to bind a key to 'cl_replaymarker', and get into the habit of using it in game to mark cool moments, frags, fast times, etc. Now that games played via the matchmaking system are recorded and available to us all at http://replays.reflexarena.com, it would be great if they were marked so that people like myself can go through them looking for cool moments to capture on video. This makes finding good footage for frag-movies and the like so much quicker.. and we all love a good frag-movie right?

Use a keybind that you can easily press during gameplay so that it is easy to form the habit. I know some people do this already.

A lot of servers record replays which are accessible. There's the official one listed above, http://reflexleague.org/replays, and other public servers you can see in this thread. In the replay editor you can use a command to skip through the replay to one of these markers. So marked replays are really helpful for people making videos. And nothing helps promote a game like entertaining videos with cool in-game gameplay!

It would be great if racers could do this too, to mark particularly good times - especially if you're playing on my race servers (the 'Jaguar / Laerad' ones), because I have access to those replays. And yes one day I might get around to making those web accessible too.

As and when I get time I'll try and look through replays and make a little video - 'frag of the month' or something similar.

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1 hour ago, qufit said:

I think the menu.rep should have a combine version of replaymarkers of the week or so. Perhaps some filter/transition effect so you don't think of it like a replay if you know what I mean.

That would be quite a bit of work, but that would be awesome! Automating that whole process would be, yeah.. quite a bit of work ;) To be honest though, in terms of manhours it wouldn't be that much at all. Thing is you can't sort the replays by date yet, so I'm really hoping for a League-like system which is searchable and so on. Like display by most recent, filter so that only marked replays show up. If that was the case it would only take maybe an hour or two to go through those replays, check the markers, capture to video, and upload as a video. Or, as you say, stitch the moments together into a .rep file to serve as the menu.rep in game. Nice idea :D Here's hoping!

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