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[0.48.3] Prefab ghost selection in map editor

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Sometimes you get unwished elements appearing in your prefab after creating/updating it. This can be very confusing and makes multi-select sometimes impossible to use properly.


  1. Create worldspawn and select it
  2. Enter console command: me_createprefab A
  3. Create another worldspawn
  4. De-select everything (escape key)
  5. Select both worldspawns with dragging a selection rectangle or VolumeSelect
  6. Remove the first worldspawn (now prefab "A") from the selection by clicking on it with +editormultiselect (CTRL) and +editorprimary (Mouse1)
  7. Enter console command: me_createprefab B

Even though you de-selected the first worldspawn, it will be re-selected and included in prefab B.

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