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Reflex Freezes computer

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I am trying to get into this game and soon after I launch a match (just training missions right now) my entire computer freezes and completely locks up, requiring me to manually turn it off and on again. This happens in no other games and my overclock is stable. Kind of confused and frustrated at this happening because I want to get into this game.

Thanks, Jeromegood

System Specs:

AMD FX 8350 @ 4.6

1070 Founder's Edition

16 GB DDR3 

I am running windows 10.

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37 minutes ago, Yasashii said:

give this a try, looks like the lastest amd update messed some shit up

He's not running an AMD GPU.

Can you go back to stock just to verify that it is really not the overclock causing the freeze? The stability of an overclock can decay over time and just because it's stable in one application doesn't mean it's stable in another. I've had overclocks crash after 17 hours of prime95.

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