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suggestion: voice chip cosmetic item

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when you kill your enemy in dark souls pvp he's forced to watch you do gestures to taunt/thank him for like 10 seconds, and even though you can't chat in that game it really adds to the social experience and I'm a big fan of (respectful) trash talking in competitive sports/esports, also it kinda adds to the soul of a game, like the announcer in team fortress 2 or the huge amount of voice sets in worms games. I wish there was something like that for reflex, but the game is so fast that visual taunts make no sense. so I thought why not have a "voice chip" item for your robot, with each chip having a different taunt phrase / sound effect. you'd bind it to a key and you'd have a timeframe of a few seconds after fragging your enemy to activate it. smiley spam is so '90s!

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