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Constant lag spikes in Brazilian servers

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Hello all

We are having VERY BAD lag spike problems in brazilian servers. It started happening like a week ago, even before the official release. Old players as me who get the copy in 2015 are very eager to play the game, get the competitive points and so on, but we can't. The worst part is for the newcomers, the people who wants to know FPS Arena Shooters or people who bought the game because of recommendations, can't have a good gaming experience because of the constant spikes that makes the game almost unplayable. Reflex might lose people in the very first week of releasing just because of this! I recorded footage that shows what i'm describing. Fraps only let me record 30 seconds, so i made lot of those videos and put them together, they are all recorded at the same moment. These spikes are a constant, they won't disappear at any hour.



Edit: Time of the recording 10pm GMT-3 / Server ip:

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