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[dm / 1v1] Roundhouse Kick

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Hey everyone. Old q3 player here, loving Reflex Arena!

I made a small 1v1 / deathmatch map with all weapons, RA, YA, MH, for fast action.
It's my first try so I'm looking for opinions/feedback.

What do you guys think?





Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880748260

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Wow, it looks great! I'll try and playtest it later on this evening and give you some feedback :)

edit: just played on it now. It looks very cool, although i don't think the brick/stonework walls work well with the overall industrial aesthetic, but other than that very cool. And the MH room is a work of art. But the item placement is all kinds of wrong. You can loop the map very very easily, you've got a doubleback tele that links yellow armour to red armour, only one RL, the RL and the IC are right next to each other, and the RL is very close to red armour too. And the map being as small as it is, you can get to mega very quickly too.

I'd say it has potential but it really needs some work. Hopefully you can get some feedback from better players than myself.

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Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
I see what you mean. Do you think I should lose the YA altogether, or should it be somewhere else?

I'll move the weapons around a bit, any suggestions as to which should be where?

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I appreciate the time you took to create a q3/ql look, and did a great job of clipping the map. Here are 2 small clipping issues i found.




The mega room is really very cool. The curved ledge works wonders with the jumppad + air control, and mega + rail, albeit really close together, are in fun positions. It's the thing that really makes the map worth playing right now, fights in this room are very fun.

However, the rest of the map doesn't complement this as well as it could. There's only 1 other tiny room with RA, a small corridor, and a small ledge out in space.

The items are generally cramped, and other than the mega & rail, it seems like their placements don't have any effective purpose, meaning that it's hard to play around item placement. This might just be due to the size of the map though.

The teleporter doesn't serve any explicit purpose other than making the map effectively even smaller by removing any space between 2 major items. it doesn't open up any new or interesting options for a player as far as i can see, and makes it even easier to abuse the tiny map size with spawnfrags.

Because of the small size, I can see and shoot to all spawnpoints on this map extremely clearly with a simple movement that takes just under 3 seconds. Even with my mediocre aim, I got 10+ rocket/rail spawnfrags on this map in under a minute by using teleporter and the long corridor.

Overall, I feel like interactions with opponents are generally not complex beyond a single fight, because they almost always meet nearly instantly off spawn and only have what they grabbed nearby. The amount of non-MH health on the map is also not much at all compared to the amount of fights that will inevitably happen.

I wish the rest of the map was like the mega room. =] I would look at heavily reworking the map's layout personally, and giving it some sort of fun "flow" with movement options and such.


edit: I'd like to highlight something that you did here:


You noticed how one-sided exchanges could happen through this corridor, with one player potentially having access to rail (bolt rifle), plasma, YA and MH immediately. So you gave the disadvantaged player some cover from bolt, and popped a 50H right there. But after this fight, what happens? If the player here lives, what option does he have outside of grabbing RA if it's up (which might be hard, since there's a teleporter right there, and dropping for it puts you in vision of them), or moving to other areas and fighting with a disadvantage he can't really negate? If he runs successfully, the 50H isn't up for quite a bit, and all the other health is inside of or in sight of the other room.

The flow of events on this map seeems like you either get screwed immediately and die, or you spawn with a good weapon and a major item and go initiate a fight, repeat. Thinking about these types of routes in a map like this is really important.

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