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Help setting up Linux docker server


Trying to set up a server using the stickied guide for linux, I'm on Debian 8. I get up to the point where you run:

pushd base; docker build -t alex/steam-base-wine .; popd

But I get the error in the attached image (Package 'libc6:i386' has no installation candidate, etc.)

It seems like the docker thing can't install packages with the i386 architecture, despite that dpkg command in the Dockerfile that tells it to include i386. Can't figure it out for the life of me 


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There were changes in how things are packaged in APT and the docker image wasn't updated. You don't need it though: just install Wine, download steamcmd.exe and follow the instructions for Windows servers. You might also just poke the maintainer on Github by opening an issue about it.

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