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my dear gents, i have some requests (again, i know):

- demo uploading and rendering to IGMB (by Maverick, which automates the process of uploading demos and turns them into YouTube VODS) see http://www.igmdb.org/?page=render

Now, i was talking to Maverick about this and he said it's easy to implement as long as the game's audio can be recorded in an audio file, or even in a complete .avi file along with the video.
As of right now it's only possible to export .tga files but no audio, so the only option to offload VODS to YouTube is to use a recorder like XSplit or Fraps and just record the whole 10 min demo.
So he kindly requested that a .wav audio capture be implemented, and he'll work on the back-end of it. (P.S. please donate this guy if this happens, he did a lot for the community).
Long story short: more publicity for the game through YouTube rendering (free) and a very easy way to upload a demo without having to do anything by yourself.

- Hooneymode! (duel mode but fraglimit 1, roundbased) great way of learning new spawns and a great boost to help new players improve (knowing what to do off the spawn).
Hooneymode also offered the option to choose your own spawn point, so you can create different scenarios for starting a match and practice them (not random).

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  • force enemy limb colors
  • option to disable the viewmodel pitching (this just looks weird)
  • more non head cosmetics (especially with more of the flat color bit)
  • bot dodging without items
  • CP for whitelisted cups as a reward
  • recommended addons/huds on the front page for new players
  • cooldown applies when you shoot with an empty weapon (?)
  • spawn points indicated in warmup (you could do this in the editor with a dark glass textured hostile but this was removed?)

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