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List of new duel maps for playtesting

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I thought I'd draw attention to some new duel maps that I think are worthy of playtesting. It's very hard to make a good duel map, and requires lot of iteration using feedback from players, and it seems to me there's not enough of that going on. So here's a brief list! Let's try and take a bit of time away from MM to test these new candidates and maybe they'll be in the next season!


'benzwip' by @A. Benz
I've played this a b it just now and I think it has potential!

'Bishop' by @lolograde
Played this a few times too and I think it has potential. Check it out!

'Risk' by @A. Benz
I've played this quite a few times, this actually has a full art pass and looks really good. Really nice movement and flow, fun jumps.

'Relentless' by @Joe
Had a quick look at this and it seems like a worthy candidate

'gt3' by @Greed
I've played this a fair bit sometime ago and it definitely has potential

No doubt there are more, feel free to mention them below. If you at all care about 1v1 and Reflex, please take some time out to play some games on these maps, and give feedback to the mapmakers. They'll really appreciate it. As others have posted about, the map editor allows for relatively easy and quick creation of maps which is a huge blessing, so let's actually try and promote that a bit. 

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More TDM maps would be nice. Personally I really would like to see a detailed version of 'fool's choice' in Matchmaking. I would even do it by myself but I don't have much time lately and I don't have enough knowledge about how to make an artpass for a map. Would be great if somebody could make a videotoutorial series about advanced mapping stuff.

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