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Small/quick InstaCTF tournament

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What is it? Classic Bolt/insta CTF only melee and bolt

When is it? THIS FRIDAY 24.3. (yes its day bfr the official normal CTF tournamen, by phillt), about 18 CET i want start i hope finish it to midnigh, we ll see

Rules: - 3v3 (ye only 3v3 bcz its fun)

           -10 mins round limit

           - 5 flags score limit

           -bo1 , finals bo3 , its classic single elim tourney (win or die)

           - there will 3 maps, in bo1 stage every team drop one map (map left is being playing), in bo3 stage every team pick one map (last map is played if needed)

Servers: I dont have yet, but it will be most likely EURO tounament (though if i got 90% NA registrations i will looking for server hosting in NY or something), i guess the servers will be in UK or DE

Maps (opened workshop):  Spider Crossings

                                           The Pit

                                           Twin Keeps


Signups: The most important last!  REGISTER HERE! I am looking for max 8 teams. You can register your team (you and 2 players). Where you can be the captain of the team and organize stuff for your team. Then its enough if only you register  there. Just inform me when you register there and got team already, or if you are solo. (inform me here in thread, or on discord). Bcz the tournament is opened for solo players too. But ofc when you find your team mates or you want play with your friends its the best.


Discord server:  https://discord.gg/qqFDVKb  for this tournament, if you want register team or got some idea, or you want play etc, just join or msg capo on discord reflex server 



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