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An assortment of suggestions after 40 hours.

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Hey, I'm pretty newish to Reflex's fanbase, I have 40 hours and I talk on Discord from time to time. I'm 17, and I really have a fondness for Y2K-era PC gaming, Arena FPS feels like home to me. I love UT'99, and wanted to try out something the likes of QL/Q3A, but I shyed away a little from QL as I find it to be less mechanical (I prefer CPMA to regular rulesets) and with people that played the game for years stomping me consistently. I have some general suggestions for improving the game for quality of life and features down the pipeline. I know the devs are working on stuff and I know that some of this can be redundant (Dropin/dropout confirmed, along with more mystery stuff.)

Starting with smallest change to biggest:

  • Ability to see countries instantly in non-duel leader board. The non-duel leaderboards kinda suck with presenting information, could be improved with throwing out some more info including country flag.
  • 1v1 with ease. An ability to challenge friends and players found in pubs to a 1v1 by clicking on their leaderboard name or friendslist name in main menu. Would ensure a little more intimacy and friendly competition amongst players of similar skill.
  • Continuing on CPU optimization and tweaking. There have been complaints of frame drops near jump pads and while they're being constantly ironed out, I feel like optimisation can be consistently improved and made a large focus. While this is a modernized title, old machines a la Pentium 4 should have a chance too with gimped graphics. (On another note, is the binary for the game 64bit? What renderer does it use, DirectX, OpenGl, etc.)
  • Better MM game management. What I mean by this is extending queue ready time and showing multiple ready games at once for a player to accept, and not having a game disappear instantly for another one to appear. Allowing larger lobbies to be larger as opposed to smaller with games popping in snap seconds would be a nice tradeoff in my opinion.
  • Penalty/cooldown if you quit on map pick/maybe found match. Not naming any names, but some people, even at high level like to requeue to get more favourable maps. ;)
  • Mutator picking on casual MM? I know one can votechoose mutator ingame, but it would be an interesting option to add optional mutators for a player to choose.
  • HRTF. It's 2017, people start to really appreciate good sound-positioning in competitive games for good headphones. Valve has released a library called Steam Audio that can be of use for this purpose, and it looks neat. OpenAL is also worth considering, but I don't know whether Steam Audio is a nicer open library.
  • Module music. This is an outlandish and ambitious idea, I know (implementing a tracker player, potential copyright if any, etc) but what if there was a way to bind a .mod or .s3m to a map for it to play ingame? (I think it would be viable, those files dont take up too much space and can guarantee a memorable tune.) There is lacking music ingame, and I love the TrackerScene and it goes hand in hand with AFPS. ;)
  • Announcers. Because the booming voice of Vadrigar, or even the UT99 announcer and his unmistakable "HOLY SHIT!" is something everyone will remember. Introduction via widgets, and maybe even implementation through microtransactions of some of the more official voiceactors a la Dota 2 would be neat. Although, this will probably happen anyway. B)
  • Community made map-pools and emphasis of showing off custom gamemodes made by the community? Content creation is stupidly important for the shelf-life of a game, even to devout communities. I thought of potentially adding seperate, unofficial, or maybe even themed map-pools for people to try out the hundreds of unexplored maps on the workshop in MM. People can try out new maps and enjoy them as opposed to playing Sanctum or Pocket Infinity all the time. :P In addition, adding new modifications and mutators to the game, maybe even adding new weapons if it's even possible for the community to do, would be great. The Sound Manager could be a good start to improve, as I've been in touch with @meowgli for the "mgli" widget which implements announcer support, but some hooks can be limited and some features (such as volume adjustment, or having shortest length files play first before longer ones.) aren't implemented. TL;DR: massive focus on moddability of the game. Improvement on libraries, hooks, and adding community showcases and game modes for people to change balance and gameplay to however they like.

Feel free to comment/flame on my suggestions and even throw in your own. I hope my suggestions are somewhat constructive and that the devs will work with the fans to build an AFPS that is modern for new blood to play, and yet fun and engaging to stand the test of time for the genre.

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building upon moddability examples, misc tweaks

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