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Rcon features?


Is there a way of sending commands to a dedicated server from within game? If not, are there any plans to add them?

I run a Reflex server on Debian via WINE, and while it works, it's impossible to input commands, so I can't change timelimits or enable edit on the fly. I know it's unlikely that devs want to spend time supporting WINE, but rcon seems like a pretty ubiquitous feature (and would be useful even for Windows servers) so I figure this is my best shot.

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My guess (no time to test it):

  • set rcon_password on server,
  • set the same rcon_password in client,
  • set rcon_address in client (include gameport if not default),
  • rcon command.

I'll verify this later if nobody else confirms it in the meantime.

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