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WRDM1 - Instant Momentum

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Hi guys, it's my first reflex map. I noticed that there's not so many DM maps out there and I decided to make deathmatch map. I playtested it with decent amount of players. Have fun!

PS: Comments and critiques will be appreciated.

Steam Workshop link

Name: Instant Momentum [WRDM1]

Type: DM

Description: This is tight close-combat deathmatch map.

Author: Ubuska

Thanks for playtesting and ideas: D-X, w96k, Thoughcrayfish







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59 minutes ago, Warlord Wossman said:

Can't find it on the workshop atm and the link seems to be broken.

Yeah, sorry. I made an update and it changed the workshop item's visibility. It's visible again.

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