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Please add accuracy, game clock, and map vote to warmup servers

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Hello, I have three very simple feature requests. Due to how slow the matchmaking is you spend an awful lot of time hanging out in warmup so I think it is best to improve warmup mode as much as possible.

The first is that I'd like to be able to see your accuracy in warmup. Right now your acc just stays at 0% the whole time. I don't see any reason why it can't keep track in warmup.

The second is instead of have the clock say "warmup" just put a timer that keeps counting. Perhaps it could loop over after 60 minutes. This always bothered me in Quake that the timer is locked to 0:00 in warmup and while the sidebar with the items is nice, it'd be nice to practice ignoring it and timing items in your head during warmup

The third is that I'd like map voting to be enabled on warmup servers. There are a lot of new maps in this game and I'd like to be able to pick the map while I wait for a match so I can finally learn them all.

Thank you for making this nice game :)

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