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1Flag CTF - or other Concepts that could be playtested in Reflexes current state.

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I started this new thread here in reference to Kovaaks "we need to talk..." discussion.

This thread is all about the idea of finding and play-testing a new mode, utilising the tools that we already have available to us (just like how we botched in instagib before it was a mutator); therefore trying not to waste developers time with ideas that could be unsuccessful. Having said that, I don't think it would be unreasonable to put forward an argument to the devs towards implementing a perhaps hidden test feature / ruleset / mutator should it be paramount to get a working beta environment going for a new mode, so long as enough interest is gathered.

Right! So in the other forum post, in my opinion I saw three viable ideas that could be playtested right now. Using 'capture-pits' as a means to force the map to be played in each specific way. I have quickly modified Promeus' map Skytemples to cater for the three variants:

  • Capture - represents attackers having to get to the enemy (defenders) base and take that flag back to the attackers base, similar to regular CTF.


  • Push - This is where the attackers take a flag and push it into the enemy's base, like UT4's mode "FlagCap"


  • zRush - This represents Kovaaks suggested mode where any one member of the attacking team must simply get to the defending teams flag.


I have ALSO converted and uploaded to steam an old map of mine that I felt useless for current ctf, and so was binned long ago, a bit large perhaps especially for zergRush. I have placed extra placed flags that are blocked off with a glass brush, so anyone can simply and quickly convert it to a Push or zRush type mode.

If anyone has some other ideas and modes that can be manifested in Reflexes current state, I would love to see your idea in .map form if it isn't too difficult to portray.

p.s. For the maps I have converted and linked here to work in their most basic form with the least amount of effort from the devs, it would need perhaps a mutator that makes the match a game of two halves. Think about that if you want to suggest a different mode, 'how can the devs make your mode testable in it's most basic form'

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I uploaded these maps to my server and put them on a rotation.  It's called "1Flag Prototype Testing Rotation -- Salad Days"  It's US East/Central.  I left it on instagib to even the playing field, but if there's a lot of interest I can switch it off or to warmup or whatever.  Downloading the Skytemple variants from the server does work, but it's kinda slow so you might just want to snag them from the links above and throw them in your map folder.  The workshop one is fine obviously.

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From my post in Kovaak's thread:

"ZOMBIES": Round based. At the start of each round, 1 player is chosen to be the first "zombie". They have no weapons (except melee), full 200/200 stack, extra speed boost, and are "infected" (basically, they have a bright green "carnage" damage amplifier). As a zombie, you can melee the ground to do a jump but with no self-damage. When the zombie melees someone, the melee'd player doesn't die but also becomes a "zombie". Round ends when either all zombies are dead OR every player is a zombie. You get 1 point for every second you're not a zombie. # of rounds depends on the number of players in the game.

"ODDBALL": 10 or 15mins, team or FFA.  A "ball" is spawned somewhere on the map and a player can pick it up by walking over it. When they hold the ball, they accumulate points. The person who holds the ball cannot shoot any weapons but they have resist and carnage buffs. They can use the ball to melee. The ball also obeys physics so you can shoot a rocket at it and it'll bounce around. (Basically, this is a rip off of an old Halo 1 game mode.).

"KING OF THE HILL": 10 or 15mins, team or FFA. Accumulate points by standing in a given area on a map. 

"FREEZETAG": You know this one...

One more comment and idea. Consider that we have a mode to practice movement (race) and mutators/maps to practice aim (arena, warmup, instagib). But there's no modes/mutators really focused on strategy and timing items. Here's a couple random ideas:

"STAY ALIVE" (Mode): Single player. You spawn with 100/100 stack and start taking continuous/steady damage, slowly at first. You accumulate a point for every second you're alive. Then slowly the damage you start taking increases and becomes faster and faster. Therefore, you'd need to be increasingly strategic about what items you pick up. Then have leaderboards per map (like Race) for the # of points accrued.

"PAC MAN" (Mutator): Multiplayer. You get points for armors and health, not for frags. Points for armors are based on their damage-resistance (i.e., more points for RA). 




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A fun game mode based around one flag CTF was realized in a TF2 mod called bball.

Definitely one of the most fun simple mechanical games I've played, check out some videos

Could definitely be fun as a 1v1 or 2v2 on a small map like it was in TF2, but I would also love it as a larger more serious game mode.

ED: One of the reasons I would advocate it as a gamemode is because, unlike in current two flag CTF, one flag CTF with two bases and a flag in the middle for both teams to fight over does *not* entail concurrent, unrelated objectives like two flag CTF has.
I don't think we can make a .map like this because one flag can't be used by two teams... Would be interesting if we could do that though.

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Keep in mind that there already is a nifty Domination client by Terifire.

Maybe some ideas could be prototyped using that. Here is pic of it in action showing its area highlighting abilities. I just did it a quick test but everything seems to be working just fine. Adapting it to maps is pretty straight forward. I only tested it with local maps though and looking at the code I am pretty sure workshop maps are not working atm.

I came up with a mode which could be easily implemented I guess. Hybrid CTF domination. Flags spawn in the enemies base, only the flag carrier can conquer domination areas (additionally extra points are credited if you control all dom points and you return the flag maybe?). Feel free to give me feedback on this via discord or pm. I might give it a try to implement it on top of Terifires domination if there is anyone thinking that might be fun.



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Oh nice, I did not know about that widget. I have been thinking about area control in a flag-carrying mode, I think that could be a really good tactical addition, but it just seemed to me a lot of work to ask for from the devs, for an unknown end-result.

I was just on salads server now, and I noticed someone planted a turret; Suggesting to me a potentially a easy thing the devs could add for us to play around with and aid us in the 1-flag mode or even other modes, is to enable team orriented turrets (e.g. attack zeta team only).

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