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Microstutters in new dp5

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Tried posting this in other places but didn't get much notice.


After the new changes to dp5, I get lots of microstutters, to the point where it is basically unplayable. My fps is still good, and i've never experienced this problem in any other map or in a previous version of dp5. It is especially bad in the plasma gun area and the ion cannon area.

Running an i5-4570, and a gtx650


Please help...I don't want to have to start banning dp5 over Aerowalk :P

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i'm experiencing similar problems ever since the game was released, but independent of the maps. :unsure:

there is more issues that i experienced upon release and i am still investigating and trying to record some illustrating footage as it doesn't show up in replays.

those issues happen randomly but significantly more often when playing on MM servers.

my machine is some FX8320 @ 4.2 gHz, 16 GB RAM, RX480 8GB and SSDs.

FPS are 200-250 (capped) on all maps...

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