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WTB Reflex League Admins

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I have a bit more time now, and I want to give the League another shot, and try and get it right this time! I learned from the beta season that it's better not to run the league at all than run it without sufficient staff, so I'm starting off by seeing if I can recruit a decent admin team. MnstH did a great job last season but it's not viable or fair to expect him to do everything.

League admins will be responsible for settling match disputes and scheduling disputes, in addition to helping with general planning and organisation. Ideally, I'd personally like to take a step back from the league admin/planning side of things; I burned out badly last season and I'd prefer to focus on my role as God Emperor sysadmin.

Please get in touch with me on Discord (Qualx#5964) if you might be interested in helping out. I don't mind if you weren't involved with the league last season.

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