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Reflex Replay Helper

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Hello, I created a software to make it easier to download and play latest replays from official match history web site. You can download and play replays with only 1 click, it takes care of downloading, copying it to the replay folder and starting Reflex and playing the replay automatically. So downloading and watching replays becomes almost a delight.

I am thinking of adding some filtering options for the downloaded replays in the future.

A small note: since the official match history web site is a little bit slow, it takes a little bit of time to load/refresh the list of recent online replays.

Download link:

http://bit.ly/2rjF4qC (redirects you to my Dropbox shared file)



A screenshot:


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14 hours ago, MAD_JIHAD said:

Is there somewhere we can grab the source?

It is closed for now, but I might open it up at some point. I want to put the basic functionality before starting to receive contributions.

By the way, I learned how to parse meta data from the replay files so, I'll be adding more details to the downloaded replays tab, like the names of players, score, the map name and marker count. I'll also add more details to the recent online replays tab, like the game mode, the rank of the match, maybe avatars.

For the recent online replays tab, I am thinking of a system where you can get more stats about the match by hovering your mouse on the replay row. Also a "show score" button so that you don't necessarily know the score before you download but you can choose to know if you want.

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Another idea: replays repository list.
So u can add another servers. Guess almost no way to get any info without downloading except some nicknames in file name, but still useful to keep all demos in same place.

Also add function to scan that repository from specified forum thread.

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