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Hey kid, do you wanna play some CTF? (NA)

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Trying to make NA CTF PUGs a thing for the first time in forever \ :D /

Why is this any different than the constant failed attempts since CTF first came out?
Everyone doesn't add to automated queues at once because people get on when they get on. That's the point of PUG groups -- until you have enough people to start a PUG whenever you want, you can agree on times beforehand. For example:

TUESDAY THE 23rd @ 10pm EASTERN we're going to try and play a PUG. I'm trying to get >8 players by word of mouth, but I'm posting here too to get as many people interested as possible :)

More details in the steam group, I'll post an announcement when we're adding up for a draft, and then we'll draft in a voice client.

With feedback from group members and particularly those who show up to PUG, we're going to pick some weekly dates! So even if you're not free, definitely still join the steam group so you can give feedback about which dates you want to play, and so you can see announcements for future PUGs.

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