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how do i port my sens from Reflex to QL

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i know reflex models are bigger, i know. but for some reason .. 


ok, let's step back a second. 

i played QL from beta (2010 circa) to 2012 and i was absolutely horrible at it. 28% accuracy and could not shoot a rail to save my life.

then i moved on to Blacklight Retribution and i got MUCH better; i played from 2012 onwards. 

Of course, you'll say, you played 5 more years, that's where you develop your skill. But no. 

I still play QL, have only quit for about 2 years, but from 2014 to today i still play it regularly, and i simply cannot aim. I'm just awful. I tried ridiculously low sens, mid-high sens, everything in between. changed DPI, polling rate, FOV (from 80 to 120 and in between), mice, mousemats. I can't hit rails on standing targets that i would snap to without hesitation in reflex or in blr. what the heck is going on? (i'm not using any weird drivers that might bug out, i have a rock solid W7 install, a FK1 mouse. i tried MarkC's mouse fix too and everything else under the sun)

When i'm in game in QL, it seems as if, when i move my mouse a bit, the map "wobbles". it's like if the mouse didn't respond the same as it does in other games, as if i had negaccel for a few pixels. At one point i was managing 30% LG and 40% rail like it was a miracle, but i was down to a sens so low, i couldn't do anything else except aim. 

So, how do i go about porting my reflex sens to QL?  Any other advice, aside from "do not play QL" ?

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