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[POLL] What would you like to be implemented in next updates?

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I want stakegun like it is now as a pickup. I don't want bolt to get removed as I think both weapons are different to each other.

More polish for the Map editor would be good (doors, elevators, moving platforms, special surfaces with footsteps, silent bouncers, ladders, nicer water effects, displacements, flat style textures with little structure and some parallax mapping and tessellation )

Human characters and red blood, bullethole and blood decals on meshes

Less focus on Duel and better Matchmaking implementation for team modes (less options in MM: for example 1 or 2 comp Teammodes and comp duel, remove casual playlists and let people use community servers for casual play or redirect quickplay users to populated community servers)

More in depth training section and offline play (bot matches, singleplayer)

Higher gravity or slightly slower movement speed (300 instead of 320),

Optional outlines

Machinegun would be nice

Instagib-rifle as a powerup in TDM or CTF

Grapple Hook

Custom models for weapons

More TDM maps

Better reglementation (whitelist) of addon and widget content

20 second respawn time on armors, 30 seconds on Mega

15 second warning before carnage spawn

Less maps in duel mappool (for example 3 active maps) and more frequent rotation (each month? or all 2 months) of the mappool


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Also it would be cool if you would be redirected to a even more detailed statistics screen after each game. You should be able to spend as much time in that screen as you want. It should show graphs of dealt and taken damage, accuracy and a timeline which shows who picked up what armor or weapon. There should also be a button in that menu to download and watch the replay of that game. It should be possible to watch the replay from your enemies perspective. Also it would be cool if there was a match history in game which you could look up and get replays from.

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