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Ages ago injx wrote an article called "Strafing Theory" which is an explanation of how strafe jumping works. It takes some time/effort to read through but it is worthwhile! Thanks to @salakalastaja for digging up this link. 

Here's @salakalastaja demonstrating some of the types of strafing possible in Reflex Arena!


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This is a good read for anyone that wants to know how strafing works at the engine level. 

Was this author's followup circle jump theory article ever archived?


Also I have a question for people knowledgeable about cpma/reflex - when you press a direction key by itself, it doesn't seem to apply an acceleration like in vq3. What is actually happening when you are pressing a key by itself? Why does a key suddenly behave like vq3 if you 'cancel' it out in reflex, but not in cpma?

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