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Feature Request: REPLAY BROWSER

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Dear Turbo Pixel Studio Gods: I humbly request a built-in REPLAY BROWSER for Reflex Arena.

It would be nice to be able to search all replays in your replay folder(s) and be able to select/play them that way (without needing to copy files names and paste into Reflex). It would be especially nice if you could select a replay and it would preview some of the replay details like: map, mode, player(s), scores(s)/time(s), etc..

In the event the devs are spread too thin, perhaps the replay file system can be exposed in LUA and those in the community with the skills can create a browser?

Somewhat related: It would also be very nice to have the option to download the game replay immediately following the completion of a game. Perhaps there could be a "DOWNLOAD REPLAY" button on the end scoreboard?

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In case you don't know, there are already some tools out there doing similar stuff. ZuLuuuuuu build a client for the official replays

 that allows one to select a replay and fire it up in reflex (maybe someone can extend this to local replays). I added an advanced unpolished replay info functionality server side ( which could also be exploited for local use. Writing some kind of filter/query form would be no big deal. Extending this to an api endpoint for further processing in a local client wouldn't be that hard as well.

With these solutions I think a community developed application as a replay catalog launching reflex to play replays on demand is more promising and the devs time might be better invested on other features atm.

I like your idea to integrate it into reflex directly though.

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