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[1.1.2] Disembodied arms in replays

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Occasionally, when watching a replay and switching POV or to editor mode, you will see disembodied arms floating about (which you can see through walls). Simply clicking "detach" does not fix it. The only solution I know to get rid of the arms is to switch back and forth between POVs while the replay is playing and then detach from the disembodied arm's POV. 


I'm not quite sure the exact circumstances required to reproduce this but it may be related to keyframes being added in Editing mode while still attached to a player.

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I've got an update on this. I don't think it's about keyframes after all. I could be wrong, but I think it's got something to do with how the replay file is loaded. I use a custom menu.rep and I noticed that after I deleted a few replays from my replay folder, the menu.rep got the disembodied arms bug. I made no other changes and the menu.rep worked before and, after restarting, worked fine again. 

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