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The Reflex Movie - looking for a change of title

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Hey guys,

Shooter and I went to Toronto last weekend and got to see the Reflex movie in a theater along with the director, cast, and crew.  It was awesome, and we can't wait until more people can see it too!

But annoyingly, one of the distributors they are working with doesn't like the original title ("LAN").  They tossed a few suggestions back to the director, but most of them sucked.  "Critical Hit" and "Level Up" made me gag.

So, we're looking for input on titles for the movie.  The ones I've been a fan of of so far are:

  • Control Shift
  • Carnage
  • Outaimed

And some others that were recommended:

  • FTW (For The Win)
  • Off the Grid
  • Nefarious Outlawz
  • Band of Cybers
  • Gamesters
  • Nefarious Zone
  • Amongst Mere Mortals
  • Sacrifice Game
  • Tyler’s Game (main character = Tyler)
  • Gamers
  • Gamerz
  • Game On
  • End Game
  • Kill Streak
  • eGame
  • Multiplayer
  • GamePlay
  • First Person

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on titles that fit the genre of "sports movie, but replace sports with Reflex", that would be great.  The Reflex part of the movie involves CTF more so than other game-modes.  It has 22 minutes of in-game footage over the ~80 minute movie.

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All those sound good to me. Here's a couple others:

  • Reflex
  • Out of control
  • In Control
  • Strafe Jump
  • Strafe Aim
  • Map Lock
  • The Meta Game
  • Enter the Arena
  • Player
  • Spawn Frag
  • Respawn
  • Refragged
  • Gibbed
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Aim For Fame

A Game of Their Own

The Enemy Flag

Arena of Pixels


All Out

Player One

Cat and Mouse

A Grueling Game

Pixel Players

Match Begins In

Flag of Fame

The Real Rat


But all of: Control Shift, Outaimed, Out of Control, Enter the Arena, and Player 1 Ready sound cool to me!

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EDIT dec-something-day.

I recently re-read an article on ESR with a rather enlightening convo between lolo and terri. I will not post the link because reasons, PM if wanted.

I would like to redact my tactless name-meme post above. I will however leave it as evidence of my own stupidity.

This movie is a huge win for the game. Although recently quiet, I'm sure the guys down under are cooking up a good meal of crow for a-lot of nay-sayers to eat. In the past I have done my best to be a relentless hype-man for Reflex. I am not a coder, and I am not a top level dueler by any means. Hell, I haven't even played daily for over a year! So the hype has been my best  contribution so far. I am still here, and will continue to deliver the hype.

This movie will do more than put reflex on the map. It could re-open the door to a genre that in this day and age is less relevant. People will watch the movie. People will buy the game. As normal, they will get rekt. However I believe that those that stay (as have we) will be more interested in WHY they play, more-so than the "game" itself. Some will stay, some will leave to other games, but I believe this will open the door to those players searching out the history of the genre, and open the door for playing the other relevant games (cpm, ql, qc, tf, etal). This will only increase the community across the board.

To Erectro, Shooter, Yasashi, and all involved I say this:

BELIEVE THE HYPE. It is what you create.


I like, Control Shift.




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