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SushiFlex Mapping Competition

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Important Dates:
March 31st ||| Submission Deadline
April 12th ||| Judging Deadline
[Grace Period] April 12th - April 15th
April 15th ||| Community Vote Begins
April 21st ||| Winner Announced

Hey, the SushiFlex guys are hosting a mapping competition in our continued effort to bring a more diverse and accepted map pool to Reflex.

Submit Your Entry
Donate to the Prize Pool

This competition is a map layout competition for 1 versus 1 (duel), so do not be worried about art.
Depending on how this competition goes, we will host more mapping competitions in the future for different modes.

Competition Process:

  • Contestants will have thirty (30) days to complete their map layout.
  • Judging will begin immediately after and continue for ten (10) days.
  • Map voting list releases and a three (3) day grace period ensures.
    • A potential tournament will be held with the map pool being the map voting list during this grace period.
  • Community voting begins once the grace period ends and will continue for seven (7) days.
  • The winner will be announced within a reasonable time frame after voting closes.

Submission Requirements:

  • Map must be capable of one-versus-one deathmatch (duel).
  • You may submit up to 2 replay files with your submission (if possible , please send us SushiFlex ruleset replays!)
  • Existing maps may be submitted as long as they were submitted to the Steam Workshop no earlier than January 1st, 2018 00:00 GMT.
  • Multiple entries are allowed, but only your highest scoring entry within the initial judging process will be able to place.

Judging Process:

  • Judges will initially weed out any maps that are unanimously deemed poor / incomplete.
  • Judges will then grade the remaining maps on multiple categories using the Sushi Rating Scale (SRS).
  • Judges also will provide a short reasoning for their score as well as may provide potential feedback on the map.

SRS - Sushi Rating Scale:

  1. ⬥⬦⬦⬦ - Low Quality
  2. ⬥⬥⬦⬦ - Average
  3. ⬥⬥⬦ - Above Average
  4. ⬥⬥- High Quality

Community Judging:

  • The community will then be able to vote on the top entries rated by the judges.
  • Community members will be able to give an overall score to each map within the pool using the SRS.

Selecting the Winner:

  • Final score is calculated by: (0.6 * average judge score) + (0.4 * average community score) 
  • If a tie develops between the top 2 entries, the judges will reassess both maps.
  • If a tie is developed between the second and third place entries, both maps will be awarded the second place prize.

Prize Pool:

  • First Place
    • 40% of Matcherino Prize Pool
    • 120 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord.
    • Map is added to the SushiFlex Official Tournament Map Pool for the next available tourney and has the potential to remain within it.
  • Second Place
    • 20% of Matcherino Prize Pool
    • 80 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord.
    • Map is added to the experimental SushiFlex Tournament Map Pool.
  • Third Place
    • 20% of Matcherino Prize Pool
    • 50 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord.
  • Honorable Mentions
    • 25 Sharqcoin


  • https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10027/participants
    • Click join and you will be asked to fill out a form and submit your entries!
      • You may only join once so be sure everything is correct. If an error is made send us a message here or on discord and we will clear your entry and you may re-enter.

Donating to the Prize Pool:


  • Ask in the thread for more information or share your concerns.
  • Judges receive the remaining 20% of the prize pool.
  • Our Discordhttps://discord.io/sushiflex

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2 hours ago, SushiFlex said:


  • Judges receive the remaining 20% of the prize pool.

Lol are you for real ? why not take 50% of the money for rating maps while your at it?

Also WTF is Sharqcoin, Shushiflex, who the fuck are the judges, not even mentioned in the post?!

What has this got to do with "SushiFlex" whatever the fuck that is, why can't it just be a standard map competition?

The project is interesting, but this is hard to understand man...

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1 hour ago, Furioness said:

Sushi and defFlex has diff movement, hence some tricks/routes can't be properly ported if aim to sushi only. So?

All routes in default are possible in Sushi. All routes in Sushi are possible in default with one exception being the platform height bug having more prevalence.
Example: Bolt Rifle platform on Pocket Infinity is now possible to reach in Sushi by jumping against the platform TWICE.

Basically, Do not worry about the movement between rulesets affecting the routes and we will keep in mind the platform height issue if we come across it.

This is just a mapping competition hosted by SushiFlex due to our focus on pushing a wider map pool. :)

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