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Learn Reflex- A complete tutorial series

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To celebrate the launch of this series I will be hosting a newbienight Sunday, March 18th! 
Information : 

Reflex itself is an extremely hardcore game, and yet we have such a great new player friendly community. It's something special to have both, and our responsibility to maintain that by investing in future competition and future competitors. These tutorials have been a long term project of mine where I've tried to incorporate everything I've learned from teaching players into a compete series that will give all the guidance necessary to become competitive at Reflex in a short period of time.

Thank you to all the new players who indirectly (or directly) helped out with this series. Watching you guys improve at Reflex has been a ton of fun for me. 

This series is split into [Basics] and [Patterns] sets.

Since the goal is providing the best tutorials possible, I will be releasing them in groups so I have the ability to improve the later videos based on feedback. 



[Reflex Basics 1] Getting Started in Reflex

[Reflex Basics 2] Introduction to Duel

[Reflex Basics 3] Basic Item Play

[Reflex Basics 4] Factors that Determine Fights

[Reflex Basics 5] The Secret to Improvement




[Reflex Patterns 1] Things that Matter in Duel

[Reflex Patterns 2] All Starting Spawns

[Reflex Patterns 3] The Catalyst Guide

[Reflex Patterns 4] Pocket Infinity Guide

[Reflex Patterns 5] Furnace Guide

Link to Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoszoDtQjpErdTa8k21We228JOwZnkhRV


Feel free to ask me any questions on discord and I'll answer as soon as I can - DazedSpartan#3488.
If you are a new player, add me on steam and I will help matchmake you with other new players to play- http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042185286

I encourage competitively minded players of all levels to participate in Reflex Monthly Cups- 


Most importantly: play more Reflex! 

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