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Sharq Qenya Qup 4

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yall know what it is. We are back with THE MOST anticipated tournament of the next 2 years. Oct 7, 3PM EST/12PM PST


Bracket/Registration: https://challonge.com/sushikenyacup4

Prize Pool/Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/12214


Map Pool


Map Picking

Winner of melee fight on Final Destination or empty.map determines the winner of the "roll".

In game n, the W and L is the winner and loser of the previous game.


Upper Bracket (BO3) and Grand Final (BO5):

Game 1: -Drop(L), -Drop(L), +Pick(W)

Game n: -Drop(W), +Pick(L)

You may not pick a map you have already won on.


Lower Bracket (BO1):

-Drop(W), -Drop(L), -Drop(L), +Pick(W), The remaining map is played.



1st Place: 55%

2nd Place: 30%

3rd Place: 15%

The base prize pool is $10. The prize split may be changed to include 4rd place if the prize pool increases.

Thank you to rajas, poma and cozy for donating!



Server Picking: This is primarily an NA tournament.

If NA vs. NA, use common sense to pick the best server.

If NA vs. EU, winner of melee fight/coin flip decides the region that first game is played on. The 2nd game is then played on the other region. Coin flip for 3rd game to decide EU/NA.



List of servers with the official Sushi ruleset

(PM me if your server is not on this list!):

East/Central servers:

Eggplant Chicago #1-7

Eggplant Newbie Hangout Chicago

Sharq’s Tea Party Server (Ohio)

Owl’s Sushi Saloon 420 (Chicago)

REEflex (Texas)

REEflexin (Texas)


West coast servers:

Eggplant Los Angeles #1-7

Eggplant Newbie Hangout LA

[US-W] Big eZ


UK servers:
Eggplant London #1-2

Owl’s Sushi Sauna

Owl’s Authentic Norwegian Sushi

Owl’s Sweaty Sushi Foursomes


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