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[e-sport] Project ATDM e-sport 16v16 players 3+3 coaches ! (futur of ATDM) :)

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Sorry for my absence, I had been hacked, I just started mapping the first new map of e-sport ATDM 16v16 players 3+3 coaches:
aAa_Vil1HenHouse_alpha (from ra3map12, Arena: Hen House !) !
The finals maps will be X4 biggest than the classics Rocket Arena map from Quake III Arena Pack maps. First screenshots coming soon !

Remember: ATDM Vil1 pack map (at the moment): Vil1Overkill_alpha (work in progress...)

And now: e-sport ATDM Vil1 pack map (at the moment): aAa_Vil1HenHouse_alpha (work in progress...) (aAa is just the actual 16v16 tag, of my project !)


(Thanks to: lolograde for the conversion of: ra3map12, ra3map4, and ILP2001 !) :)


(nota bene: sorry for my english, I am a political dissident tortured in europe.)



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