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CCCP #2 - Newbie Tournament

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Reflex Newbie Tournament

Sunday November 11th, 2PM EST/11AM PST




Prize Pool/Donate

Make sure you're in the official Reflex Discord

Upper bracket coverage: Cthulhu
Lower bracket coverage: Sharqosity

Map Pool
The map pool consists of the 3 most popular duel maps for your ease of learning.

The Catalyst (thct7)
Pocket Infinity (thct2)
Simplicity (thcdm13)

Map Picking

All sets are best of 3:
Both players type  roll 100  into console. Loser of roll picks first map, winner of roll picks second map. The 3rd map is played as a tiebreaker. 

If you have any questions about the tournament, don’t hesitate to ask a CCCP Organizer: Poma, Sharqosity, Cthulhu, or Slowdive.


1st Place: $10 + Your very own copy of Kovaak’s Aim Trainer!
2nd Place: $10

Prize split may be extended to include 3rd & 4th place if the prize pool increases.
Thanks to KovaaK for providing a copy of his wonderful aim trainer!

Server Picking: This is primarily an NA tournament. 
If NA vs. NA, use common sense to pick the best server.
If NA vs. EU, play on the best server for the NA player.


List of servers with the official Sushi ruleset
(PM Sharqosity if your server is not on this list):

East/Central servers:
Eggplant Chicago #1-7
Eggplant Newbie Hangout Chicago
Sharq’s Tea Party Server (Ohio)
Owl’s Sushi Saloon 420 (Chicago)
REEflex (Texas)
REEflexin (Texas)

West coast servers:
Eggplant Los Angeles #1-7
Eggplant Newbie Hangout LA
[US-W] Big eZ

UK servers:
Eggplant London #1-2
Owl’s Sushi Sauna
Owl’s Authentic Norwegian Sushi
Owl’s Sweaty Sushi Foursomes 

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The tournament has concluded! The results are as follows:

?First Place ($25): ewwB6DzAyt_rwyD9_ghFIgZNwEsmpLF8TvZhMOTIEcksehrin

?Second Place ($17.50): ewwB6DzAyt_rwyD9_ghFIgZNwEsmpLF8TvZhMOTIslowdive

?Third Place ($7.50 + KovaaK's Aim Trainer): Kg61-I-jab2CEwGUiUYTxznQFFzLPOcMrAGt89RJDea


Thanks to all the players that showed up and played great matches for us to watch, tourney admins poma & udp for making sure everything went smoothly, and Cthulhu and poma for donating money to the prize pool. Stay tuned for newbie league!


Stream A (Cthulhu):

Part 1:

Part 2:


Stream B (Sharqosity): 




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